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The Introverted Executive Podcast is focused on helping Introverted women working within large organizations, rise to senior leadership -- WITHOUT networking. If you're tired of feeling overlooked and underestimated while you make it all happen behind the scenes, this is the podcast for you!

Feb 2, 2020

You can create genius around you and you can drive others to have a higher contribution.  In every place you ever work, you will find that resources – either people or money, will always be an issue.  Even if you work at the top Fortune 500 companies, they are driven to produce a profit and are beholden to shareholders.  If you are in the military or the government, there is no new money.  Therefore, you will grow as a leader and become a person who is able to produce real, tangible results when you learn to use all the talent and intelligence of your entire team and others around you.  On the other hand, you will drive others away and hamper the best ideas from bubbling up if you are a Diminisher.  This will impact your results, dampen the business and demotivate all those around you.  I know who you want to be.  This episode will get you on the right track.

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