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The purpose of “The Tami North Show” is to give high achievers and success-driven women actionable content to propel themselves to senior leadership while living a robust life. Women leading within corporations and government organizations who want to perform with authenticity, at the senior executive level, have found their community!

May 7, 2018

Show Notes for Genuine Driven Women Episode #17

On today’s show we are going to talk about How to Turn Your Perfect Day Dream Into your Actual Reality: Starting Today!

Perfect Day exercise

 No matter what your struggles are, no matter the cards life has dealt you – today is the day you will start to change your situation. Today is the day you take that next step toward the life you really want to be living!  I know for me, the very day I decided I wanted to make things better for my daughter and I, is the day that everything started to move in the right direction.

We are going to take you through an exercise called the “Perfect Day Exercise.”  You may have heard of this exercise already, but instead of stopping at the dreaming part of this experience, we will lead you through the next steps, which include planning the next steps you need to take to begin your transformation to go from where you sit today to the person you dream of becoming.  We want you to actually live the robust life you imagine for yourself!

DOWNLOAD the Genuine Driven Women Goal Setting Worksheet here.

Tools you could use:

Paper and pen/pencil

a tablet with mind-mapping software

iPad and my Apple Pencil

Notably App


Time Machine:  

In this segment each week we will give a few points about women that have accomplished a lot! We also will discuss a bit about what was happening to women during the time periods. Someone we think you would like to know more about is:

Bessie Coleman

 Inspirational Quote of the Week:

“Women need to shift from thinking ‘I’m not ready to do that’ to thinking ‘I want to do that - and I’ll learn by doing it.’”

-Sheryl Sandberg

  • This quote is definitely something to think about. Many of us spend time worrying about the reasons why we shouldn’t do something, like why we shouldn’t apply for the job or internship because we are underqualified. But, I really like how this quote presents the other way of looking at it. So here’s a challenge for this week, try applying yourself to something new, whether it be joining a club you know nothing about or applying for the job or internship you want but feel might be too out of reach, you might surprise yourself by the outcome!  


Book Review:

Genuine driven women read lots of books!  We’ll make sure to recommend a book each week that will inspire you or help you on your journey to success!

This week’s book is:

Start With Why

By Simon Sinek

If you’d like to buy this book in any format, including the audiobook version, click this link:  The Kindle version was only $9.99 today. 

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