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Yes! You Can. A podcast for high achievers

The purpose of the "Yes! You Can" Podcast is to give high achievers and success-driven women actionable content to propel themselves to senior leadership. Women leading within corporations, government organizations, or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to perform with authenticity, at the senior executive level, have found their community!

Jul 13, 2020

I know when things feel so stuck and you think this might be as good as life will get that it can be hard to snap yourself out of it. In this time of COVID, not to mention all the current events and news stations with anchors taking any side of an issue t

Jul 6, 2020

There is a reason you are so passionate about your BIG dream. Don't let your own fear stand in the way of getting all you ever wanted. You are intelligent and driven, and just as you have overcome previous obstacles, you will conquer this one too!

If you want to feel like you have an executive coach for the next month,...